Thursday, May 24, 2012


Let's see...this produce-inspired parody began when I came across the following video on youtube...

This song, which features falling fruit, brought to mind something from a LONG time ago.  It was SO long ago, it might have been before fruit was even INVENTED.  Okay, well, it was in the 80's.
That thing that this song reminded me of is Bonkers commercials.  Yes, it's strange but true...I watched those old ads today, and they made me belly laugh so hard, I almost choked on my cherries.  Here they are, fresh-picked just for you...

But WAIT!  This is the part that's REALLY going to "bonk you out"--sometime this year, this classic candy is going to be REISSUED!!!  My mouth is watering already.  But I must make sure to remember to put on my protective headgear before eating any ☺.

• ~ • ~ •

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