Tuesday, August 30, 2016


On the hunt for a large powder brush that's soft and full?

I found one that I'm really fond of at my local Target.  It's No. 01 by Sonia Kashuk, and at $19.99 it's more affordable than my #1 favorite poofy powder applier, which is by Clinique; that brush is even bigger and softer, but it retails for $34.  

I suppose it's worth noting that I use these brushes with loose powder foundation, not with setting powder.  I see that Clinique also has a foundation brush, but I'm thinking it would probably lay the powder down on my skin in a heavier fashion than I prefer.

I'm far from an expert on makeup, but try applying loose powder foundation with a brush that's this size and shape and that doesn't have super-short bristles--you just might like it!

*See an exciting update to this post at the 7th asterisk below (concerning an e.l.f. powder brush that has just come out!).

*Out of curiosity, I decided to see what Mac has in the way of a big, round powder brush--theirs is a whopping $53 (yikes).  Nars'Laura Mercier's, Lancome'sEstee Lauder'sUrban Decay'sMake Up For Ever's, and IT Cosmetics' brushes are similarly priced. 

*IT Brushes for Ulta has three large brushes that are $36, $40, and $48

*Ulta has a powder brush that's $20 (their own line).

*The Sephora Collection Must Have Large Powder Brush (#30) was $36 but is on sale for $18--maybe it's being phased out or something?

*I see that Bare Escentuals bareMinerals has a tapered face brush that's $24, though it's hard to tell how big it is by the product pic.

*Morphe's Round Deluxe Powder Brush (E-41) is $22.99, though in the pic, it appears to be a good deal smaller than Sonia's brush.  I learned about this brand in this video (this beauty vlogger is so entertaining btw, and at times is absolutely hilarious--make sure to watch the bloopers at the end of her videos).  In the vid, she uses the Pro Tapered Powder Brush (R2) for applying bronzer (see minute 10:18), and it looks bigger than it does on the website, so I dunno (maybe that means the E-41 is bigger as well).

*It's now 4 months after I published this post, and I've just found out that a large powder brush in the exact shape I prefer came out by e.l.f. in late September, and it's only $12!!!  You can see it in action in this video (minute 8:15).  Wow, it looks like it would be reallly soft.  According to the product description, "This loosely bound, large shaped brush provides even distribution and light coverage when used with pressed and loose powder...."  I wonder if it's going to be sold in stores, because not having to pay shipping would be wonderful.  

*Sonia also has a smaller powder brush (No. 100) that looks pretty nice, and it's a good deal at $11.99.

*I was happy to espy a Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Powder Brush at Kmart and Walmart.  Though this brush isn't the exact same shape as the Sonia and Clinique brushes and isn't as big, it's definitely one I might try because it appears to be pretty full, looks like it's well-made, and isn't very expensive ($9.99).  Furthermore, on the website, it says this brush is award-winning and is ideal for powder and mineral foundations.  

*FLOWER Beauty's Ultimate Powder Brush is another brush I'll probably try.  Actress Drew Barrymore is an owner of this brand, which is sold exclusively at Walmart.  In the store the brush is $9.99, while on the website it's $12.98.  It looks nicer in person than it does in the product pics, btw.

*I recently spotted an Eco Tools Large Powder Brush (No. 1200) at Kmart, and it also looks like it would be a good option.  It's not as big and full as my Sonia brush, but at $7.99, the price is amazing.

*e.l.f.'s Flawless Face Brush looks like it's well-made, and it's only $6.  According to the product description, "This soft brush lets you apply product with the lightest touch for a soft, sheer, natural looking effect."  In addition, e.l.f.'s Complexion Brush is $4, and their Total Face Brush is a mere $2.

*Wet n Wild now has a powder brush available (it's a new item), and though it's not very big, it's only $2.99 and has *pink* bristles!

*The foundation I use is L'Oreal True Match Gentle Mineral Makeup.  The brush that comes with it (which is attached to the screw-off lid) is scratchy, and the bristles are shorter and more compact than I prefer.  So, I dump out a bit of powder onto a small plate and use my own brush with it.  Note: Several years back I tried Bare Escentuals bareMinerals loose powder foundation and found that I preferred my L'Oreal, as they have a shade that works better for me. That was a good thing price-wise, as the L'Oreal is $11.99 for .35 oz, while the bareMinerals is $28.50 for .28 oz.   

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Wind Gust

My girl coming by,
how sweet she looks walking!
with her cute muslin
& a newly caught

Trail her, muchacho,
down every byway,
& if you once catch her crying
or thinking it over,
paint this onto her heart
& spray it with glitter
& tell her not to cry
if she should stay single.

*Pictured is a piece of ephemera (an old paper item) from the late 1800's, along with the back of a vintage postcard.  A gobstopper of a vintage brooch adds some sparkle☺. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


I love, love, love this 18 Karat White Gold Top Coat by Takko Lacquer, and it looks especially lovely over a robin's egg-blue polish ☺.

Image source: polishetc.com
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