Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This Sunday, my mom and I swung by my sister's apartment so we could pick up my sweet nephew, as he was going to visit with us.  We decided to stop in at Bruegger's for some lunch since a branch is located right by the apartment building.  I haven't bought our local Sunday paper in quite a while, partly due to the fact that, because of the recession, it has gone up from $1.50 to $2 (I'm such a cheapie).  But, Bruegger's had a newspaper stand right inside the door, and I couldn't resist picking up one of the yummy fat stacks to buy. 

I told my nephew that he could read the comics, and I pulled out that section for him.  I must admit I was being generous in handing it over, as I myself am an avid comics-reader ☺.  I immediately scanned the front page in order to see what the "Mutts" were up to this week.  It's one of the comic strips that tickles my funnybone the most, along with Peanuts, Cathy, and Rhymes with Orange, and it's the only one of the bunch that's still being run in The News & Observer (boo).

Anyway, I was delighted to find that on this lovely day in May, the Mutts found themselves surrounded by something robust and red...

Though I'm not a HUGE fan of Bruegger's (sometimes their bagels are a bit tough and dry, and they are a little bit stingy with how much cream cheese they put on them), I do enjoy eating there once in a while.  On this day, my plain bagel with Olive Pimiento cream cheese and my cup of Fire Roasted Tomato soup hit the spot.  This cream cheese flavor is fairly new and is quite tasty.  It came out at an opportune time because Panera's Sundried Tomato cream cheese had just been discontinued, which was a bummer.  In addition, it acts as a good substitute when I'm hungry for some of my or my mom's homemade cream cheese and olive sandwich spread, but we don't have any made up.  Perhaps I'll share that recipe in another post ☺.

One note of caution, day I ordered a bagel with Olive Pimiento cream cheese, and unbeknownst to me, the Bruegger's employee thought I said I wanted Jalapeno cream cheese.  It was the first time I had ordered the new flavor, and after I had driven off and begun to eat my bagel, I was disappointed to find that it was hot and spicy, as I do not like spicy foods!  Boy, was my mouth burning!  Then I started to think, hmmm, I don't taste olives in this at all!  That's when I realized what must have happened.  I dropped back in Bruegger's, as I was still in the area, and they switched out my bagel for me--sweet relief (and tasty too).

Though I think Bruegger's food is a bit pricey, they do have a friendly atmosphere, Sunday papers for sale, and some tasty tid-bits to eat.  Their Chicken Spaetzle soup is yummy (I had to look that one up in order to find out how to spell it--alas, I'm not schooled in German), and their Blondie Bars are to die for, especially if you zap them in the microwave for about 10 seconds before eating them.  They have nice big chunks of crunchy toffee in them, along with the requisite chocolate.  I suppose I need to make up a batch of something similar myself, as it would be more economical; I could then eat 20 of them in one sitting without spending 50 bucks! 

My favorite thing to get at Bruegger's though is a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.  The BLT's are tasty as well.  Their bacon isn't crispy, it's a bit fatty, and they don't give ya' nearly enough, but it's flavored with the BEST seasoning!  Stop in and try it sometime!  You might even discover a comic strip that makes your heart smile while you're there ☺.  

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