Thursday, May 31, 2012


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This past weekend, it started raining, and Taric, my sweet nephew, and I decided to take a walk in it.  Though we both had umbrellas, I'm the only one who actually ended up using one.  After we made it to a little gazebo in the neighborhood, he ditched his for good and went bobbing around like a Mexican jumping bean while I had a nice swing.

I suppose it was an ideal rain for playing in, as it was not lightening, and the drops were coming down hard, ricocheting off the pavement in a wild way.  Taric excitedly pointed out the steam which was rising off the street as the rain cooled it off.  He proceeded to ask me (and I quote): "What's wrong with you Auntie?  Why aren't you getting wet?"  I suppose a walk in the rain with an umbrella was enough excitement for me for one day, plus, I had felt like I had been coming down with a cold the day before, and I didn't want to catch a chill.  *Btw, I took an Emergen-C and felt tip-top the next day, just in time for my play-date with Taric.  Try the Triple Berry flavor--it tastes like Sweettarts ☺.

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After we returned home, Taric decided he would like to doff his sopping wet clothes and take a warm bubble bath.  Well, while he was scrubba-dub-dubbing, I realized two ducks had decided to waddle up on the front patio toward the front door.  There's a lake behind the subdivision where I live, and heretofore, I had only seen ducks in and around the lake.  But for the past couple of weeks I had spotted a mamma and a daddy napping on the front lawn.  And now it seems like they had decided to come up to the house and ring the bell.  Perhaps they saw Taric and I splashing in the rain, thought we were part duck, and decided to see where we had disappeared to.

I couldn't help but go upstairs and let Taric know that we had a couple of  web-footed visitors and that they were now happily taking a ducky dip in the fountain at the front of the neighborhood.  He put on some clean, dry clothes (and a pair of my flip-flops, as his sneakers were a soppy mess), and out we headed once again (but not before I made him roll up the legs of his sweatpants and forbade him to get mussed up--again.) 

Watching our ducky duo enjoying their puddly playground really quacked us up.  We gave them just a few pieces of bread (as mamma duck seemed hungry) and caught a few lightning bugs to boot, then we waddled, I mean walked, back inside for the night.

I feel like such a lucky duck for getting to spend time with family this Memorial Day weekend.  I hope happy times rained down on you too! ☺

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