Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hmmm, what's that down in my mustache cup, nestled in a paper towel...

A fragment of a robin's-egg shell, of course!

This is the second time I've found a piece of one outside on the ground, but I've never come across an actual nest.  I'm keeping an eye out though! ☺

I found the first one while taking a walk last spring, and this one was in my sister's yard.  Finding a shell doesn't necessarily mean a nest is nearby, as the mother birds sometimes fly the shells up to a mile away after the babies hatch in an effort to thwart predators--and maybe even nosy photographers as well (see the second video here).

*For those who'd like to know more about my 'stache cup, it's a Tervis tumbler.  I just lurv these liquid-holders, as they keep drinks cold and don't develop condensation or create water-rings.

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