Monday, August 3, 2015


As you might be able to tell from the pic above, I didn't make this oh-so-whimsical preshool-aged nephew did!

Yes, back when he was about three or four years old, he was eyeing my colorful beads with excitement (and wanting to play with them, of course!).  So I decided to let him make a necklace for my mom (his grandmom).

I gave him a bowl full of beads and a piece of stringing material that was secured on one end, and he began stringing his little heart out.  He was old enough that I didn't have to worry about him trying to put the beads in his mouth and choking, yet young enough to benefit from strengthening his hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills by putting the wire through the tiny bead holes.

Taric managed to put the bead caps on the necklace in the "right" (though who's to define that) direction, so hooray!  I love that a little leaf ended up beside the rose and that the bell flower ended up on the side of the necklace--it's just so chic, no?!  My mom definitely thinks so; she loves her necklace and wears it often.

Needless to say, beading is fun for many ☺

Here are a few pics of Taric when he was around the age he was when he made this necklace.  We were cooking up a pot of "love soup" or "flower stew"...

And here are a few recent pics of Taric and his mom (my older sister) on a trip they took to NYC (which is where he was born) last summer...

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