Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've been tweeting a "word/phrase of the day" on and off for a while now and have decided to relay that practice to my blog.  This is so my word-finds will be facilely and fluently retrievable, for myself and for other logophiles out there.  Cheerio!  By the by, did you know that word rhymes with acid snow, apropos, art nouveau, Borneo, and tangelo (among many others)? ☺

Here are my past "words/phrases of the day," collated from twitter...

bricolage (and here)

williwaw  (and here)



agate (I think this is an interesting word, as it can connote a semi-precious stone (Rose & Robin is a big fan of agate beads), a playing marble, a tool, or a type size (approximately 5 1/2 points)

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