Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm delighted to say that there is plenty of creative inspiration to be found in this world, and that this witty pluckiness can even be found in and inspired by peoples' powder rooms, of all peculiar places!

First off, let's take a look at a book which is entitled, Toilet Paper Crafts.  The usefulness of this whimsical tome is 2-ply, I'm sure!  Here is part of the product description: "Take toilet paper to a new dimension, and revolutionize your use of a bathroom basic! This collection of 60 stylish projects will add a joyous touch and festive flair to any holiday or special occasion."  It appears the reader will learn how to craft party favors, costumes, sachets, cakes (non-edible, I'm assuming), garlands, rosebud place cards, and yes, even jewelry (rosette brooches)--all with a simple roll (or double-roll) of Cottonelle (or Angel Soft).  Now, my only thought is, do I really want to spend $14.95 on this book, or should I invest in, say, a spiffy new toothbrush holder and soap dish instead?  Decisions, decisions.

Next, the same author invites readers to "delight their guests with fancy folds and simple surface embellishments"--via the novel concept of toilet paper origami of course!  Now this is an indulgence worthy of being found at a locale such as the Ritz Paris; perhaps hotels (at least the 5-star ones) will soon have housekeepers whose sole responsibility is to oversee the presentation of the rooms' toilet tissue--you never know!  Here are some examples from the book, though I must say the rose on its cover is the true pièce de résistance.

But wait!  After crafting plenty of toilet paper ornaments, there's no need to toss those empty cardboard tubes into the powder room wastebasket!  Instead, try your hand at creating amazingly impressive miniature works of art out of them, as artist Anastasia Elias does.  Here is a sneak peak, but make sure to visit the link for the full gamut.  Roll call!

*Here is one more example of her work which isn't included in the link above ☺

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On a totally different note, this post just happens to include a "Word of the Day."  Click here to find out what percipience means!

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