Monday, June 29, 2015


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Sunday, June 28, 2015


I love, love, love to read, and faith-boosting books are my absolute favorite type.  More specifically, I really enjoy devotionals, as they offer short and sweet spiritual lessons that can pack a strong punch.

A devo that I'm currently reading is Babes with a Beatitude: Devotions for Strong, Savvy Women of Faith.  The title is an oh-so-clever riff on the Beatitudes which were a part of Jesus' public teaching ministry.  I love how each entry ends with a "Beatitude Check"--too funny! ☺

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Thursday, June 11, 2015



A few days ago I stumbled upon a curious sight, and I came to find out it was a photo of something called a bug hotel.  As I had never heard of such a thing--or rather, place--my antennae went up, and I started to research a bit.

It turns out these funky-looking structures are also called wildlife stacks or bug banks, and their purpose is to provide a habitat for insects such as bees, wasps, ladybugs, butterflies, and spiders.

These insect highrises (hah!) can perform several different functions: they can act as nesting locales, they can provide hibernation get-aways (hah!), or they can encourage pollination by attracting bees to certain areas (thus facilitating the growth of flowersfruits, and vegetables).

I've had a ball winging my way around instagram in search of clever and creative bug-hotel designs.  Here are some of the cute condos I encountered...






A class was offered by a community workshop in St. Louis, MO, during which participants were taught how to craft this buggy chalet-cum-"found object collage"... 

*see here and here




And the clever award goes to...




An itty-bitty bug bungalow...



Even insects enjoy Parisian get-aways I suppose...

























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And last but not least, let's all have a listen to "Ugly Bug Ball" from the movie Summer Magic...

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Sunday, June 7, 2015


This Bible verse (Psalm 27:14), just happens to be one of Christian worship artist Kari Jobe's favorites; you can watch a video of her relating why that's the case here ☺.

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