Thursday, December 11, 2014


As of late, I've enjoyed watching Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel.  During their annual "Countdown to Christmas," they're aired 

This year, twelve brand-new movies are being rolled out on the weekends.

I decided to snap a few pics of my tv screen in order to share a couple of scenes from two of these festive flicks...

I think "Christmas Under Wraps" is well-cast, and I always enjoy seeing Candace Cameron Bure in holiday films.  The contrast between her character's big-city life and the way of life in the remote region of Alaska where her job takes her is humorously depicted.  It is in this quaint, old-fashioned environment that she learns how to "stop and smell the roses more" (as her mom has sagaciously advised her to do).

"A Royal Christmas" has a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek quality that I really like.  It is also very well-cast.  Jane Seymour's and Lacey Chabert's faces are very familiar, while Stephen Hagan's is not.  I really enjoyed both Lacey's and Stephen's performances.  Lacey has a sincere and natural onscreen presence, and she makes the most of her lines.  Stephen brings a fresh, new presence to the screen and embodies his character's cute, quirky personality well.  As a couple, they have chemistry that is fun to watch.

Here's to cozying up indoors with a cup of cocoa and having some telly time.  Maybe that should be a "hallmark" of everyone's holiday season ☺.

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