Friday, December 12, 2014


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This memoir has been charming people all over the world! 

One reviewer has said, "This is a story of love and devotion and how sometimes we are sent little signs of help and encouragement; we just have to learn how to recognize them..."

I totally agree with those words.  In fact, I have an orange tabby of my own named Ginger Huckleberry.  He was "sent my way" a couple of years ago and has been a bright spot in my life ever since. 

When he was a baby, he and his brother wandered up to a woman's front door, and being a cat lover, she took them in and set about trying to find them a home.  

She brought the two frisky little furballs with her to work in hopes that a couple of her coworkers would decide to adopt.  One of them just happened to be my mom, and that's how Ginger and I ended up together.  His brother was adopted by another coworker.

Ginger has a kooky, quirky personality, and he never fails to tickle my funnybone.  He's also very 
sweet-natured and loves to snuggle.

Here's to friends and family of the feline kind ☺.

Below are a few photos and videos which feature the stars of the story up close and personal...

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