Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last week, I made a quick jaunt down the street to pick out punkins' with my mom.  We chose an itty-bitty-wittle orange one for my sister's new baby, who'll be celebrating his first Halloween this year.

As mom looked at some plumper pumpkins in variegated shades of tangerine and even seafoam green, a basket full of petite white ones caught my eye.  At only $1 each, I knew I had to scoop up a couple to take home and adorn with some autumn Rose & Robin panache!

It turns out my pumpkins are albinos, and as of late, they've become all the rage.  There are different varieties with names such as Lumina and Cotton Candy. My softball-sized cuties are called Baby Boo's ☺.

I really enjoyed giving my chic squash some sparkle, and I'm happy to say I didn't have to spend oodles of money in order to do so.  A faux rose, turquoise-colored ribbon, pink acrylic paint, and a handful of Swarovski rhinestones were all I needed for this fabulous Fall endeavor.  

I already had the paint and rhinestones on hand, and I was able to buy my other ingredients at a craft store with the help of a coupon.  I even found a spunky little paintbrush there that was on clearance for 99¢, and it worked perfectly for dabbing one of my pumpkins with paint.

Here's to Fall and to falling in love with all the precious signs of the season...

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