Monday, December 16, 2013


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a movie that many of us have come across in some form or another, especially since it's often broadcast on t.v. during the holiday season.  Though it contains  a lot of vulgarity and off-color humor, there are a few scenes in it that tickle my funny bone.  The characters of the elderly Uncle Lewis and Aunt Bethany are a treat, and their scenes at the Griswold's family get-together are too funny.  There's nothing like a little senior-citizen holiday humor ☺.
Here are a few bits and bobs I came across from their scenes...
 • ~ • ~ • 
• ~ • ~ • 
Let's get a close-up of Clark chewing on that delish green jello mold that Aunt Bethany "festively" sprinkled with cat food...
And as for the cat, what happens to it a short time later is not very merry.  I think I'll pass on posting that scene!
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