Friday, October 21, 2016


Here are a couple of Frankenstein Halloween treats that are cuteness overload!

This quick and easy, no-bake Pistachio Cream Frankenstein Pie (by I Wash You Dry) is made with just four ingredients (not including the candy toppings), one of which is pistachio pudding mix.  But, if you aren't a pistachio fan, vanilla pudding, along with a few drops of green food coloring, can be used instead...

Aaaaaah, Reese's Frankenstein Cupcakes (by Your Cup of Cake)!  What a clever design, and who wouldn't want to ingest a Reese Cup and a cupcake in one sitting?  
*I would think they would probably still look really adorbs even if the icing weren't piped on--piping supplies aren't always on hand after all...

By the by, here's the history behind the fictional character that is Frankenstein, via wikipedia ☺

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