Sunday, February 22, 2015


The Oscars are tonight, and though I haven't seen any of the nominated films, I'm looking forward to watching, if only to feast my eyes on fashion.

Pictured here is Diane Keaton in her whimsical 1978 Oscars ensemble.  It was designed by Ruth Morley, who also designed the costumes for Annie Hall (which won four Academy Awards and which I, as a matter of fact, have never seen).

Here's a video of Diane accepting her Oscar for Best Actress...

The following is an excerpt about the Annie Hall fashion-aesthetic from the wikipedia article I linked to...

Costume designer Ruth Morley, working with Keaton, created a look which had an influence on the fashion world during the late-70s, with women adopting the style: layering oversized, mannish blazers over vests, billowy trousers or long skirts, a man's tie, and boots.  The look was often referred to as the "Annie Hall look".  Some sources suggest that Keaton herself was mainly responsible for the look, and Ralph Lauren has often claimed credit, but only one jacket and one tie were purchased from Ralph Lauren for use in the film.  Allen recalled that Lauren and Keaton's dress style almost did not end up in the film. "She came in," he recalled in 1992, "and the costume lady on Annie Hall said, 'Tell her not to wear that. She can't wear that. It's so crazy.' And I said, 'Leave her. She's a genius. Let's just leave her alone, let her wear what she wants.'"

So, what say ye?
Is this outfit a winner?

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