Friday, February 8, 2013



"Who decided we only have five senses?  How did the messy complexity of the real world get distilled into taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell?  Our sensory perceptions are filtered by various nerves and receptors which nurture, educate, refine and hone the infinite variety of our chaotic, noisy sense impressions.  Yet by trying to classify and segregate our experience of the world in this way, it seems we are almost denying what a rich mix of stimulation our senses experience every day.

"For years I used to argue with one of my great we tried to agree on the precise moment when an orange becomes a red.  What became clear to both of us was that we were either using different words to describe the specific colours, or we both saw colour differently.  [My friend] would always end by asserting that if he was inside my head, seeing what I saw, and feeling what I felt, he would undoubtedly go mad very quickly.  I thought it illustrated a more elementary point: that for humans, our experience of senses is curiously un-uniform; that each of us actually provides a different filter for sensual experience."

~From the Introduction to, The Redstone Diary of the Senses, 2012, by Adam Lowe~
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