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This past weekend I "ran" across shoe designer Charlotte Olympia's website, and golly, her designs have a lot of "sole." The first four are from her current collections, and the others, well I "chased" those down in a "well-heeled" online search.

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A stiletto (in raspberry velvet, no less!) combined with an espadrille--ingenious! And these measure in at a mere 6". "Tread" carefully... 

Now this moniker brings to mind the funny-bone-tickling character of Hallmark fame, though I can't help but think she would NOT find these kicks tempting in the least...

"Love Me"
What's not to  about these!?

"Kiss Me Dolores"
This are lip-smackingly kitschy!

And two more whimsical creations by Charlotte...

Charlotte's motto is: "The higher the heel, the better you feel."  As for petite me, I usually stick with a wedge heel, as opposed to a pump, and I typically don't go higher than around 4" even though I measure in at only 5'1" (on a good day)--though don't get me wrong, good things come in small packages--I say that not to self-compliment, but to erase any notion that I am of the opinion that taller is better. Bah, of course not!  All heights are equally hip ☺.  I think it's great for petite gals to wear flat shoes, but as for me, I like my shoes to have at least a little bit of a heel--it's just a personal preference. 

On another note, take a look-see at this interesting chart of peoples' average heights world-wide.  The average height of American women is 5'4".  This surprised me, as I thought it would be taller. 

Amusingly enough, even my flip-flops have wedge heels (such as these Old Navy cuties, which were on sale and waiting for me one day at the store, almost every pair having been sold by then but this one)...

I found these flower wedges at--GASP--The Rack Room quite a few years ago.  The heels are a good height (about 3.5"), and they're wide and don't taper.  This makes them very comfortable and easy to walk in.  Since they were on sale for $19.99, I bought them in all three colors. Who can ever have too many blossoms for their toes? Not I...

 Here are some sandals by Mudd which I got on sale at Kohl's last summer.  They measure in at 4.25", and I think the bead-work is pretty spiffy...

I found these affordable sandals at Old Navy last summer.  They're very comfortable and have
a 3.75-inch heel...

I have recently taken a "leap" of faith and bought a couple of pairs of shoes that have a higher heel than I normally wear.  Both are from Forever 21 and were very affordable.  The espadrilles are 4.75 inches, and I love their rustic, earthy look and how they match everything and that they were under $25.  The camel-colored, faux suede pair top out at 5.25".  I hope I don't lose my balance and fall into a rose bush!

And last but not least, I bought these 4.25-inch rosebud wedges on clearance for next to nothing quite a few years ago.  Roses for my toes-es!

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Tonight I came across some blossomful Betsey Johnson rose sandals.  These are sure to put some springtime in your step...


 Admittedly,  these do not look very comfortable, and I must say uncomfortable shoes are really a "thorn" in my, well, foot.  But, if they make someone's day rosier, they just might want to wear them anyway!


These lovely adornments for your feet by Irregular Choice have a much more manageable heel.  Plus, they're bedecked in all sorts of fancy flowers, in addition to our requisite rosebuds...they're a veritable garden for your feet! ☺

"Flick Flack"

These cuties by Rachel Antonoff for G.H. Bass & Company look comfortable--gotta' love the
-shaped buckle!

"Lewisa Power Flower"

If you would like to adorn your tootsies with petals but would prefer to remain flat-footed while doing so, then these Poetic Licence pretties might be right up your alley...

"Till Tomorrow"

What better way to conclude this footwear post than with these high-flying treats, also by Irregular Choice.  I could definitely make these a regular part of my day...


"Fresh Cut Grass"

I'm sure there will be plenty more shoe posts from Rose & Robin in the future...
So, til' next time! ☺

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