Monday, December 27, 2010



The first day of winter was December the 21st, and she has certainly made her presence known here in Raleigh, NC.  It has just snowed for the third time this month, gifting us with a white Christmas.  What better time to stay inside and craft a charming necklace and to read a bit of classic poetry?





       ~By William Allingham~

Good-by, good-by to Summer!
    For Summer's nearly done;
The garden smiling faintly,
    Cool breezes in the sun;
Our thrushes now are silent,
    Our swallows flown away,--
But Robin's here in coat of brown,
    And scarlet breast-knot gay.
        Robin, Robin Redbreast,
            O Robin dear!
        Robin sings so sweetly
            In the falling of the year.

Bright yellow, red, and orange,
    The leaves come down in hosts;
The trees are Indian princes,
    But soon they'll turn to ghosts;
The scanty pears and apples
    Hang russet on the bough;
It's Autumn, Autumn, Autumn late,
    'Twill soon be Winter now.
        Robin, Robin Redbreast,
            O Robin dear!
        And what will this poor Robin do?
            For pinching days are near.

The fireside for the cricket,
    The wheat-stack for the mouse,
When trembling night-winds whistle
    And moan all around the house.
The frosty ways like iron,
    The branches plumed with snow,--
Alas! in Winter dead and dark,
    Where can poor Robin go?
        Robin, Robin Redbreast,
            O Robin dear!
        And a crumb of bread for Robin,
            His little heart to cheer!

• ~ • ~ •

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